Curumi Chronicle makes a new tumblr account


Follow her on curumichronicle.tumblr.com!!!

P.S: she’s probably been checking the Curumi tag all along….


クルミクロニクル (Curumi Chronicle) releases a new free song

クルミクロニクル released a new song yesterday called VOICE (ft.USAGI DISCO) in celebration of her one year anniversary this Saturday.

You can download it here: http://t.co/q9SduHfImQ

pw: 0405

Haven’t gave it a good listen, but the one listen I did give it I thought it was excellent.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. So why not start of with クルミクロニクル (Curumi Chronicle) news.

I haven’t been keeping up with a lot that’s been going on in J-tek recently, but I’ve been following Curumi for a while.

Her last self titled album クルミクロニクル, was probably one of my favorite J-electro albums in a while. It’s a lot of cute and picopop sounds but still electo and house at the same time. This album reminded me a lot of Aira and a bit of Saori.

Apparently Curumi is working on a new Spring EP that should be coming out March 19th! 2 weeks from today!

I love this girl, she’s really been working lately. She’s the new glaring hope for the Japanese Techno Pop community.

So proud of her!

Here’s a preview of the new second EP coming soon.

Preview of song titled “KITTY” What do you think?

Also her 1 year anniversary is coming up 4/5, and she will be celebrating @Shibuya WOMP with live performances.