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Apparently they were out for tea~

She’s still alive/breathing and I’m soooo happy~!


It’s been two years Saori@destiny

So I just looked down at my calendar and I just noticed…

It’s been two years since Saori@destiny’s disappearance from the Japanese music market.

Two years and month to be exact.

Time is flying by… wow! It’s still really sad.

I mean, I don’t think I’ll honestly ever be completely over her just leaving. Not because she’s the most talented musician, no. There are a lot of musicians out there that are better than Saori@destiny.

Just her music always seems to give me a really great feeling… a feeling of happiness that I can’t explain…

(the same with Aira Mitsuki)

When I found Saori@destiny the musician,  it was around 6 years ago, a time of my life that I consider very depressing.

When I first listened to Saori@destiny, I thought “uh… what the hell is this shit” “lol this dumb”

But I continue to listen to her more and just like that it became addicting.

Her music just uplifts me a lot, and gives me happy thoughts.

(lol because majority of the lyrics are not for happy people)

But really that’s what music is all about. I’m really glad to have been a fan of you, Saori@destiny♥




It’s official

I’m officially moving this blog into a new direction.

  • No more personal blogs, (I’ll actually be creating separate blogs for this in Japanese and English)
  • No more NFL posts or re-blogs (Leaving that to the professionals)
  • Less re-blogs
  • News will be going in a new direction

I hope this doesn’t affect you viewing and visiting my blog. Thanks.


この投稿は役に立たないが、かわいいです (ㅅ˘˘)♡*.+゜


いくつかのおいしいガットLuigi’s Italian Ice!


K  A  W  A  I  I


それはラッパーでのプリントを残した 。
私は偉大な私はSplendaのファンではないことということではないだろうと思った。 しかし、それは本当においしかったです
I hope that last bit was correct lol
Well see yall later~