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It’s been two years Saori@destiny

So I just looked down at my calendar and I just noticed…

It’s been two years since Saori@destiny’s disappearance from the Japanese music market.

Two years and month to be exact.

Time is flying by… wow! It’s still really sad.

I mean, I don’t think I’ll honestly ever be completely over her just leaving. Not because she’s the most talented musician, no. There are a lot of musicians out there that are better than Saori@destiny.

Just her music always seems to give me a really great feeling… a feeling of happiness that I can’t explain…

(the same with Aira Mitsuki)

When I found Saori@destiny the musician,  it was around 6 years ago, a time of my life that I consider very depressing.

When I first listened to Saori@destiny, I thought “uh… what the hell is this shit” “lol this dumb”

But I continue to listen to her more and just like that it became addicting.

Her music just uplifts me a lot, and gives me happy thoughts.

(lol because majority of the lyrics are not for happy people)

But really that’s what music is all about. I’m really glad to have been a fan of you, Saori@destiny♥




The Best of Saori@destiny online interviews~

I’ve gathered up all of the very best  interviews done by Saori@destiny over the internet and translated it to English. What I’ve taken away from doing this compilation of Q&A’s is some things I’ve already known, some I really didn’t know that kind of surprised me about her, and well some of her answers were just plan humorous. I’ve tried to put this all in this short 18-20 questionnaire. Hope you enjoy the answers of Saori@destiny. A couple of the questions here are from the last of her interviews with Aira Mitsuki.


First, please talk about your first interaction with music.

Saori@destiny: I guess when I started to learn how to play the piano as a kid. I later went to a music program to continue my studies.

Does your name have a  special meaning?

Saori@destiny: The name ” Saori@destiny” was founded by my producer (Terukado) with the help of my longtime fans.

What artist did you like growing up?

Saori@destiny: I really liked Namie Amuro-san! I listened to “SWEET19 BLUES” and “Don’t Wanna Cry” a lot. I also bought her first CD  “Your My Sunshine”.

Your background seems to be somewhat of a mystery. Can you tell us something about your hometown, and what it was like growing up there?

Saori@destiny: My hometown is the countryside of Japan, which I have strong feelings for. Also, I used to swim a lot when I was a kid. I spent more time in the water than the ground growing up.

Saori@live thoughts~

Do you like live performances Saori-san?

Saori@destiny: It is one of my favorite things to do as an artist!

Do you look at the audience faces in live performances?

Saori@destiny: I so look! (laughs)… I look into the eyes of the people that look bored those are the people that stand out to me (laughs)

If you had to describe your style of music how would you?

Saori@destiny: I think my style of music changes all of the time. I experiment with different genres while working on new music.


Saori, what inspired you to write the lyrics of “Ethnic Planet Survivor”?

Saori@destiny: My producer  said he wanted the lyrics of this song to be realistic of a young teen. So I formed together stories of friends and fictional characters I’ve read about in mangas and novels.

The lyrics are very dark. ( Talking about Ethnic Planet Survivor lyrics)

Saori@destiny: I was and am very aware of the lyrics and it’s impact.


What Christmas song would you recommend when you’re spending Christmas alone?

Saori@destiny: Happy X-mas – John Lennon & Yoko Ono. I love John Lennon and his music!

What Christmas song would you recommend when you’re celebrating Christmas with everyone?

Saori@destiny: All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey. I get excited  by the bright melody in the song. It sinks in that it’s Christmas every time I hear it.

What song off of your “WORLD WILD 2010” project would you recommend for Christmas?

Saori@destiny: Um, maybe “Lonely Lonely Lonely” (laughs) especially if you are alone (laughs) This song was also recorded on Christmas Eve.

Domestic Domain Project

How did you work on your latest album “Domestic Domain” and feel a musical evolution from your previous projects?

Saori@destiny: I had a hard time with creating the right tones in my voice, and I spent a lot of time working on it for this project. This time I experimented with Hip-hop and Rap for the first time. I think there are a lot more different sounds in this album than my previous projects.

Last of her interviews

Saori@destiny, what do you like the most about the music and personality of Aira Mitsuki?

Saori@destiny: Aira-chan is a person I can count on even if she is younger than me. Aira is very charming. She is able to sing in both cute and cool voices.

If you were to choose a song from “Park of the Safari” what would it be?

Saori@destiny: I also choose “WOWTOWN”. (Aira also picked the same song!) I love the song and I love to perform it live.

Saori@ending Thing we wish could actually happen

We’d love to see you perform in the U.S sometime. Any plans for the future?

Saori@destiny: Unfortunately, I have no plans at this time. But I will try my best to have live performances in the U.S sometime in the future.

Do you have a final message to all of your fans?

Saori@destiny: Yes. I am very happy that people who live overseas take interest in my music. Even though I’m working in Japan only, I hope to meet all of my fans overseas sometime in the future.


Yasutaka Nakata rumored sex scandal

Well, this is kind of old news. I just decided to write about it here on my blog  after months of procrastination

Yastaka Nakata is a famous Japanese DJ, and member of the Japanese electronic (former Shibuya-kei) group Capsule. In addition, he also produces famous Japanese projects that we all know and love like Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, MEG and others. Everyone that really knows Nakata, knows that he has always been rumored to be an apparent “womenizer”.  It’s been reported in Japanese magazine Shukan Bunsyum that a fan of Nakata says he tried to rape her. According to the report, the victim was picked up by Nakata at his DJ event. The victim says that she was forced to drink until she got drunk. Then, Nakata tried to pull her into the room with him to perform a sexual act.

I really don’t know how true this is, but the source that I got this from says the magazine is very reliable news and is not known as a ‘gossip magazine’. Yasutaka Nakata has denied these reports and is suing the magazine for defamation.


Make you smile – LIL “Translated English lyrics”



Here’s the lyrics to “Make you smile” their recent album L2

I wanna stare at you and say I love you
I wanna smile at you and say It’s all right
to make your daily life shine

I had a gut feeling that love affair is a bother
because It’s like a manual which told me to do this or that
But stange thing occurred to me
I have a natural emotion
It just make me feel natural
I’m concerned about you everyday

Everyone is weak
Everyone has a something can’t talk with others
Everyone has tough times

But I wanna stare at you and say I love you
I wanna smile at you and say It’s all right
to make your daily life shine
No matter how much I stare at you and love you
it makes no sense if you haven’t a good smile
It’s not a lie
I just wanna tell you my love right now
tell you right now
I wish your smile

You never say that’s impossible
You never say complain
You are trying too hard
Can you hear me?
Why don’t you talk to me?
I’m the only one who can understand your weak point

Everyone has tough times
Everyone wanna run away
Everyone can’t see the future ahead
Everyone feels fear
Everyone feels like crying
Honestly I wanna depend on someone and being beloved

But I wanna stare at you and say I love you with smiling
I wanna understand you more than anybody
I always look for small happiness such as your smile
I just wanna tell you my love right now
tell you right now
I wish your smile

I just want to tell you my love
I wanna see your smile now baby
I just want to tell you my love
I wanna hold you tight everyday

credit to AlexIguchi


It’s official Saori@destiny’s retires.. Well not official exactly?

It’s just so fresh and surreal, feels like an April fools joke since her last live performance was on the 1st of April… I ‘ll miss her.

Saori@destiny has not all out said that she is graduating from the music industry. However, her subliminal messages from different things that she has wrote, or said has proven at least that she is moving on.

  • First the LAST SONG lyrics
  • What she reportedly said in the Japanese newspaper about the song and what it meant
  • The tweets that she post on twitter on April 1st

涙が止まらないよ。”I can’t stop the tears”


Saori is very flattered and overwhelmed with the messages and pictures that fans sent her.

  • On her personal blog, she writes about her live performance like it’s her last one. Then tells her fans that to help her feel better because she’s very, very sad.

Of course in the comments her Japanese fans tell her how thankful they are of her music over the years or how she change their life with her lyrics.

I’m not sure it’s starting to look more and more like D-topia and her were butting heads at the end of her contract because of no official announcement coming from Saori or D-topia.

Some people think it’s because of her age (mid-20’s speculated) and the growing popularity of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Whatever the reason may be, it seems she has taken the high road in the situation

Read more on a Japanese fan’s reaction  here 

I think its a pretty good article of her situation and why she left

If this is an April Fools joke, its a really really bad one…..