It’s been two years Saori@destiny

So I just looked down at my calendar and I just noticed…

It’s been two years since Saori@destiny’s disappearance from the Japanese music market.

Two years and month to be exact.

Time is flying by… wow! It’s still really sad.

I mean, I don’t think I’ll honestly ever be completely over her just leaving. Not because she’s the most talented musician, no. There are a lot of musicians out there that are better than Saori@destiny.

Just her music always seems to give me a really great feeling… a feeling of happiness that I can’t explain…

(the same with Aira Mitsuki)

When I found Saori@destiny the musician,  it was around 6 years ago, a time of my life that I consider very depressing.

When I first listened to Saori@destiny, I thought “uh… what the hell is this shit” “lol this dumb”

But I continue to listen to her more and just like that it became addicting.

Her music just uplifts me a lot, and gives me happy thoughts.

(lol because majority of the lyrics are not for happy people)

But really that’s what music is all about. I’m really glad to have been a fan of you, Saori@destiny♥




Reports of an “Important announcement” by Aira Mitsuki

As reported by Natalie.mu Aira Mitsuki will be apparently announcing some huge news in her scheduled June 30th live performance at Shibuya Glad.

Speculations of her retirement has begun, or new music but I doubt it. What do you guys think?

Here’s the article (It’s in Japanese) link

Again credit to AlexIguchi for providing this information.


D-topia has a new R&B group Ready Candy Camp (レディーキャンディーキャンプ)


Akane Ando 生年月日:

Born: January 24, 1988

Hometown: Nagona, Japan

Twitter account: @RCC_AKANEShe RT’ed and followed me on twitter so yeah I like her automatically, haha ~Thanks Akane (^_^)/

Azusa Kamizuka:

Born: May 2, 1989

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Twitter account: @RCC_AZUSA


Emi Shiina:

Born: July 7, 1985

Hometown: Saitama, Japan

Twitter account: @RCC_EMI(Emi also RT’d me ^_^)

Kana Minamida:

Born: March 22, 1998

Hometown: Shizouka, Japan

Twitter account: @RCC_KANA

Chizuru Taira:

Born: January 1, 1991

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Twitter account: @RCC_CHIZURU

Mari Kanzaki:

Born: January 27, 1992

Hometown: Chiba, Japan

Twitter account: @RCC_MARI

D-topia has been known to invest in R&B projects like Kaze. But now they are debuting a R&B six member group called Ready Candy Camp (R.C.C)! They have apparently already came out with an cover album download on Itunes「セツナ系泣き歌R&B~BEST 50LOVERS COUNT DOWN ~」and ranked 6th in album downloads (Japan only) and other rankings.

Now with D-topia RCC has debut with the new album



DJ mixed album with covers of songs by Koda Kumi and BENI.(This album is only advertised for Japan.)

Well who knows how this project will go? I really don’t think they’ll make it to where their stuff will be sold outside of Japan.

We’ll just have to wait and see. Keeping my eye on them.