Saori@destiny on Tessy of Candles twitter





Apparently they were out for tea~

She’s still alive/breathing and I’m soooo happy~!


It’s been two years Saori@destiny

So I just looked down at my calendar and I just noticed…

It’s been two years since Saori@destiny’s disappearance from the Japanese music market.

Two years and month to be exact.

Time is flying by… wow! It’s still really sad.

I mean, I don’t think I’ll honestly ever be completely over her just leaving. Not because she’s the most talented musician, no. There are a lot of musicians out there that are better than Saori@destiny.

Just her music always seems to give me a really great feeling… a feeling of happiness that I can’t explain…

(the same with Aira Mitsuki)

When I found Saori@destiny the musician,  it was around 6 years ago, a time of my life that I consider very depressing.

When I first listened to Saori@destiny, I thought “uh… what the hell is this shit” “lol this dumb”

But I continue to listen to her more and just like that it became addicting.

Her music just uplifts me a lot, and gives me happy thoughts.

(lol because majority of the lyrics are not for happy people)

But really that’s what music is all about. I’m really glad to have been a fan of you, Saori@destiny♥




クルミクロニクル (Curumi Chronicle) releases a new free song

クルミクロニクル released a new song yesterday called VOICE (ft.USAGI DISCO) in celebration of her one year anniversary this Saturday.

You can download it here: http://t.co/q9SduHfImQ

pw: 0405

Haven’t gave it a good listen, but the one listen I did give it I thought it was excellent.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. So why not start of with クルミクロニクル (Curumi Chronicle) news.

I haven’t been keeping up with a lot that’s been going on in J-tek recently, but I’ve been following Curumi for a while.

Her last self titled album クルミクロニクル, was probably one of my favorite J-electro albums in a while. It’s a lot of cute and picopop sounds but still electo and house at the same time. This album reminded me a lot of Aira and a bit of Saori.

Apparently Curumi is working on a new Spring EP that should be coming out March 19th! 2 weeks from today!

I love this girl, she’s really been working lately. She’s the new glaring hope for the Japanese Techno Pop community.

So proud of her!

Here’s a preview of the new second EP coming soon.

Preview of song titled “KITTY” What do you think?

Also her 1 year anniversary is coming up 4/5, and she will be celebrating @Shibuya WOMP with live performances.


It’s official

I’m officially moving this blog into a new direction.

  • No more personal blogs, (I’ll actually be creating separate blogs for this in Japanese and English)
  • No more NFL posts or re-blogs (Leaving that to the professionals)
  • Less re-blogs
  • News will be going in a new direction

I hope this doesn’t affect you viewing and visiting my blog. Thanks.


Reports of an “Important announcement” by Aira Mitsuki

As reported by Natalie.mu Aira Mitsuki will be apparently announcing some huge news in her scheduled June 30th live performance at Shibuya Glad.

Speculations of her retirement has begun, or new music but I doubt it. What do you guys think?

Here’s the article (It’s in Japanese) link

Again credit to AlexIguchi for providing this information.