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ようこそ。あなたが私のページや投稿をお楽しみください!(Welcome. Hope you enjoy my page and posts!)

Page background credit: FruitsClippers

The first and probably only blog on wordpress to break the news of  Saori@destiny’s retirement.

Hello my name’s Finesse. The origin of my blog’s name comes from my name. It’s a nick name I had in high school. I created this blog fresh out of high school and kept the name when I started to write posts. In the beginning,  this blog was dedicated to video game countdowns, recommended manga/anime, personal life/opinions, and the NFL. A lot has changed. I don’t think I’ll be a daily writer like I was 3 years ago, but I’ll try my best! I won’t be writing about or re-blogging NFL posts anymore. You might see a a rare anime review re-blog that I absolutely agree with but do recommended manga anymore. Instead, I decided to review manga and anime that I have just read or watched recently. I  will not be writing about video games here anymore. I’ll be creating two personal blogs, in Japanese and English to relieve this blog of any personal posts.

Now, this blog will mainly be based on underground J-electro, whats left of D-topia News and PAV-Studio the newcomer. Just last year, I decided to start studying Japanese. I’ve made tremendous progress since than. The reason I want to learn the Japanese language is because I want to visit Japan and I have an appreciation  for Japan’s culture. After I master Japanese, I plan to learn Korean because I really like K-pop. I love Asian pop! I started to listen to Asian Pop almost 4 years ago. My first love was obviously J-pop, but I’ve grown to love K-pop and I’m trying to get into C-Pop in the future. I’m also recovering Otaku, and a very dedicated Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Any questions? Check my contact page.


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