New comer Curumi Chonicle shows promise for the J-electro genre


(クルミ クロニクル) 1997年生(16歳)大阪府出身 153センチ

Name: Curumi Chronicle

Birth place: Osaka, Japan

YOB: 1997

Age: 16 yrs old

Height: 153 cm (5’0 ft)

Curumi Chronicle is a new artist debuting to the electro-girl idol scene. She’s only 16 years old which is quite intersting! Acts of this particular genre usually are women or young women. Curumi has signed to a new label Pav Studio with Usagi Disco (who I’m sure some of you are familiar with) and Reina (another up and coming DJ). In fact, she has already released some free exclusive EDM tracks with fellow co-worker Usagi Disco.

Here’s some video footage here of her street lives

See more here at her official youtube channel

She reminds me of Saori@destiny with her enthusiasm and approach to street performances. Basically around the My Boy and Japanese Chaos era. She’s not there yet no, but she has plenty of time to grow.

Her solo debut activity is suppose to be starting in this month, but I don’t think it’s happening until late April or early May. It’s rumored a composer that left D-topia after the Saori situation, is now composing music for her. Many things to be excited about for this new artist.

I have no idea if her debut album (or whatever she plans to put out) will be big enough to be sold overseas. So I’ll have to keep an eye on her.

Overall if you enjoy any type of Japanese electronic music, she’s someone you should watch.

It would help her a great deal if you would support Curumi and follow her official twitter @CurumiChonicle so that she knows people overseas do support her music!

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