SAWA’s new album ソプラノレイン/Soprano Rain In stores in Japan

Track Listing

  1. Good Day Sunshine ———GOOD DAY SUNSHINE
  2. Mysterious Zone————-MYSTERIOUS ZONE
  3. Try Again———————-TRY AGAIN
  4. ハッピーバースデイ————-HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  5. NoLimit————————NOLIMIT
  6. ソプラノレイン——————–SOPRANO RAIN
  7. 心の瞳 (独唱)——————–KOKORO NO HITOMI

Sawa’s new album ” ソプラノレイン/Soprano Rain is out in Japan now but  not really internationally friendly. The only place I really know of that you can buy the album from is CDJapan. I’ts about 20$. The album is also on Itunes but only in Japan.

You can hear 45 secs.samples of each song here (flash player needed)

full album cover: thanks to PlanetSAWA


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