Yasutaka Nakata rumored sex scandal

Well, this is kind of old news. I just decided to write about it here on my blog  after months of procrastination

Yastaka Nakata is a famous Japanese DJ, and member of the Japanese electronic (former Shibuya-kei) group Capsule. In addition, he also produces famous Japanese projects that we all know and love like Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, MEG and others. Everyone that really knows Nakata, knows that he has always been rumored to be an apparent “womenizer”.  It’s been reported in Japanese magazine Shukan Bunsyum that a fan of Nakata says he tried to rape her. According to the report, the victim was picked up by Nakata at his DJ event. The victim says that she was forced to drink until she got drunk. Then, Nakata tried to pull her into the room with him to perform a sexual act.

I really don’t know how true this is, but the source that I got this from says the magazine is very reliable news and is not known as a ‘gossip magazine’. Yasutaka Nakata has denied these reports and is suing the magazine for defamation.

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