My opinion of the anime Oniisama e…

Rating: 9 out of 10

I love 90’s anime. I promise this will not have any major spoilers. This anime was tragedy, romance, yuri, a slice of life, and drama. So much to take in right? I warn you guys to read this than reading the wiki page of Oniisama e… it tells half the story. I think too much is being revealed there. Besides the plot.

In the beginning, it started off confusing. I didn’t get much that was going on. Of course, the main character Nanako Misonoo was attending an all girls high school with her best friend Tomoko. She meets so many characters at once in just the first episode, so it’s really just a lot to take in. I really don’t want to get into all of the characters, because any little thing can just spoil the anime. The tragedy in this anime is like “you know it’s going to happen” still it’s so sad, because of the aftermath. There are characters here you’re going to hate in the beginning, but once you get the full story you will start to understand why they are the way they are. I can’t really discuss the romance in the anime, because it’s a spoiler.Let’s just say say it has a hint of yuri. The drama in this anime is on-going, it never ends.

Here’s my opinion of all the characters without any spoiling being involved.

Nanako Misonoo who is the main character that I mentioned. Also, she narrators the anime. Everyone that that has seen the anime thinks Nanako is extremely annoying and is the typical “weak character” that draws herself into drama, and allows people to talk to her any kind of way. I didn’t get this from her. I liked Nanako. Although she wasn’t my favorite, I did appreciate her as a main character. I didn’t like that she would fall for the tricks that people would throw at her. It would put rifts in her life relationships, and I do believe that she would allow that. In Nanako defense, I don’t think she allowed people to all out bully her. There were many times in this anime where she would definitely would stand up for what she believed in. It was just so many against her… I don’t know what people wanted her character to do. She is a very sensitive character, and I don’t think it’s cliche that she’s “weak” remember the manga was published in the 1970’s so no I don’t think it was “typical”.

Tomoko as you know, is Nanako’s best friend from her childhood. I love Tomoko! Just because she’s the only comedic relief in this anime. It get’s to be too much drama, and I can really appreciate a character like her. The one knock that I have on her would be that she wasn’t enough comedic relief for me. She had a lot of serious moments and conflicts with her best friend Nanako. I always felt sort of bad for her sometimes, because I felt like she was being a way better friend to Nanako, it wasn’t reciprocated.

Rei Asaka or Saint-Just is what I know her by. She’s a part of the “Magnificent Three”. Which caused me to think is this going to be another Ouran High anime plot with girls? I was way off. I can’t reveal too much about her. Just know you might be very confused or thrown off with this girl. You will wonder why she is so crazy and taking drugs. Once you figure out what she has gone through, you will get why she’s the way she is, you’ll start to like her a lot. Throughout the anime she would get annoying to me. Nanako allows her to talk down to her., though there is a reason why. She’s extremly musically talented, and deep into French literature  The conflicting relationship with her and Fukiko is something you will not understand until the very end of the anime.

Mariko is the character you would want to throw your shoe at. But again, once you see what she has gone through you’ll understand her more as a character. I hated her so much in the beginning. Then I found myself feeling sympathy for her, or pity. She’s not lovable but she is very relatable. Mariko’s a very pretty girl, so I thought she was going to be completely conceited, she never came off that way to me. Her biggest goal is to become a part of the Sorority. But is that what she really wants? Will she find herself?

Kaoru Orihara aka Prince Kaoru is hands down my absolute favorite character! She’s also one of the “Magnificent Three”. She’s the star of the basketball team. She’s best friends with Saint-Justice or Rei is what she calls her. She has a disease that she must deal with. You will find out later on what it is. I love her spirit and how genuine she is. I love how she feels about Fukiko and how she stands up for her friends till the end. Also, she doesn’t like what the Sorority stands for… Yes! I’m thinking finally someone that thinks differently. Her strong personality is very likable.

Fukiko Ichinomiya aka Miya-sama is the last of the “Magnificent Three”, the head of the Student body and leader of the Sorority. Like I said, there’s an unexplained tension between Miya-sama and Rei. Later on in the anime, you will find out why. I really never was crazy for Miya-sama she came off the way I thought Mariko would come off as. Though you find out later on that Miya-sama is very sensitive and really deep inside she has a good heart. She just really doesn’t know how to express herself at all.

The other characters I don’t really want to get into, because if I do I feel like I will spill some beans of the story.  Her “Oniisama” the guy she’s writing to is Tankehiko, that’s all I’m saying.

Overall, this was a pretty good anime. I liked the anime ending though, I kind of wish there was another season. (like every anime I liked)

I highly recommend! Please watch it!

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