D-topia’s new idol group Happy Super Generation shows off some moves

I love some indie Japanese idol, but not really a fan of this group. Really it might be because of everything surrounding D-topia. I feel like I can’t enjoy them, because of the circumstances. D-topia has been sketchy lately… trying to sweep the retirement of Saori@destiny under the rug, and Aira Mitsuki seems to be caught in the crossed fire. The rumor is everyone that Aira and Saori has worked with or was produced by quit too. This personally makes me very angry with the D-topia Entertainment label as a fan. Fans can’t move on without closure. So I think that it’s too bad for the girls in Happy Super Generation, because they probably won’t be supported. They seem like nice cute girls. I feel sorry for them. D-topia is not a genuine record label. D-topia’s just going make a little money off of them underground with no real promo, and dump them for the next young upcoming project. Maybe this is how the Japanese music business is now, I’m not sure?

I do really appreciate the cute dances, and everything.

I can’t find any real opinions to quote…

What do you guys think?

2 thoughts on “D-topia’s new idol group Happy Super Generation shows off some moves

  1. I feel sorry for them too – D-topia seem to be taking advantage of young people with dreams of becoming idols, which makes me pretty uncomfortable. I wish they could make a debut with a company that, y’know, doesn’t have a track record of turning all its stars into weirdly depressed trainwrecks. I imagine they’ll end up disappearing without a trace like KOR=GIRL and Minamero did.
    Also, what happens to the members who can’t make a debut with the AKB-style “vote for your bias” thing? With D-topia’s horrible promotion and underwhelming sales records I think there’s a strong chance none of the members will actually reach the 10000 points they need to debut.

    Meanwhile, Terukado seems to have vanished off the face of the earth and Aira Mitsuki is being made to churn out the same old live events every month, just like a plastic doll. The future seems pretty bleak, and I don’t like it.

    Can you believe D-topia promises to become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry by 2014? There’s something to laugh about, I guess.

    Thanks for the article☆彡

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