It’s official Saori@destiny’s retires.. Well not official exactly?

It’s just so fresh and surreal, feels like an April fools joke since her last live performance was on the 1st of April… I ‘ll miss her.

Saori@destiny has not all out said that she is graduating from the music industry. However, her subliminal messages from different things that she has wrote, or said has proven at least that she is moving on.

  • First the LAST SONG lyrics
  • What she reportedly said in the Japanese newspaper about the song and what it meant
  • The tweets that she post on twitter on April 1st

涙が止まらないよ。”I can’t stop the tears”


Saori is very flattered and overwhelmed with the messages and pictures that fans sent her.

  • On her personal blog, she writes about her live performance like it’s her last one. Then tells her fans that to help her feel better because she’s very, very sad.

Of course in the comments her Japanese fans tell her how thankful they are of her music over the years or how she change their life with her lyrics.

I’m not sure it’s starting to look more and more like D-topia and her were butting heads at the end of her contract because of no official announcement coming from Saori or D-topia.

Some people think it’s because of her age (mid-20’s speculated) and the growing popularity of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Whatever the reason may be, it seems she has taken the high road in the situation

Read more on a Japanese fan’s reaction  here 

I think its a pretty good article of her situation and why she left

If this is an April Fools joke, its a really really bad one…..


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