Rumor Saori@Destiny retiring this year?

Aira Mitsuki and Saori@destiny were recently interviewed in the free paper UNGA to promote their collaborative mini-album release ×~PARK OF THE SAFARI. When asked about her solo track “LAST SONG,” Saori@destiny made a shocking remark about the future of her career:

“Um, well… I wonder if I’m allowed to say this here? To tell you the truth, I think this album will be my last release as Saori@destiny. So I wanted to emphasize that ‘last’ in my solo song. But I thought if I wrote it in a straightforward sense, it’d confuse the listener, so I decided to express it as the end of a romance.”

Saori@destiny and her label D-topia Entertainment have yet to give an official statement on this surprise announcement, so as of now, it’s unknown what direction she’ll be taking at the end of this promotion cycle.

Tip via kanzaemon @ dtopia (LiveJournal community), original interview text from here.

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