I keep getting this question about x~ PARK OF THE SAFARI

If I live in America, and I want the album.  How can I purchase it?


It’s incredibly hard to get your hands on to digital copies of Japanese albums.

It’s not in Itunes/JP.  Trust me I’ve check 1,000 times. I don’t think it’ll be there any time soon. Because both Aira’s and Saori@destiny’s recent albums, ??? (Three Questions) and Domestic Domain, are not there. Which I feel personally is outrageous. I think it has something to do with the D-Topia Label change. Whatever it is, Japan’s music industry needs to get with the times.

Well they do have one website recommended on Aira’s website


This one is much cheaper then the website I found, though if you add S&H it’s about the right estimate on my choice.

So here’s my choice.


Suppot Aira and Saori. NOW

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